When someone tells you that you have a gift what comes to mind? What gifts do you believe God has given you? Is it possibly your good at math, your a fast learner, you have a great imagination, your very athletic, whatever else there is the point is we all have great gifts. But how do we use them? We can use all these gifts for God or not. Me i prefer to use my gifts for God like C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien these men used there gifts for God in there writing. Now what do i mean by this? if you’ve read the lion the witch and the wardrobe you see that the lion aslan is like Jesus while the witch is like the devil and the trees are us people. when temptation comes most people tend to follow the tempter but then when God comes we can see the error of our ways. then in Tolkien’s series lord of the rings frodo is like Jesus, and we are like Golem we want the ring in the end its our decision act like golem and go into the fire and die to get the ring or let frodo destroy the ring. when frodo destroyed the ring it reminded me of when jesus destroyed sin and when golem tried to get the ring and fell into the flame it reminds me of when people follow sin and what happens to them for it. These two men showed great talent with there gifts i hope someday i can be as good as them. In conclusion we each have gifts but its up to us on how we use them.

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